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极品CSS竖向菜单收藏 Vertical CSS Menus

极品CSS竖向菜单收藏 Vertical CSS Menus 

极品CSS竖向菜单收藏 Vertical CSS Menus3.8

Arrow Bullet List Menu

This CSS list menu features category headers with a two toned background, UL elements that have their default margins and padding removed, and finally, LI elements with custom bullet images. The result is something simple but elegant, and resembling something you might have seen on this site already!

极品CSS竖向菜单收藏 Vertical CSS Menus4

Sliding Doors Vertical Menu

This nicely padded vertical menu swaps between two background images depending on whether the mouse is over or out of a menu item. To ensure a perfectly smooth transition between image change (especially in IE), it uses the Sliding Doors technique and a single background image that merges the two backgrounds into it.

极品CSS竖向菜单收藏 Vertical CSS Menus3.8

SuckerTree Vertical Menu (v1.1)

This is a vertical, predominantly CSS based (with a touch of JavaScript) multi-level menu. It supports as many sub levels as you desire, plus multiple Suckertree menus on the same page. The CSS and JavaScript automatically adopts to your HTML code in each case.

极品CSS竖向菜单收藏 Vertical CSS Menus3.9

Glossy Vertical Menu

This is a CSS vertical menu that uses a thin, repeating background image that changes when the mouse moves over a link. The image is glossy looking with an indent at the bottom to create a nice separation between links.

极品CSS竖向菜单收藏 Vertical CSS Menus4.1

Image Marker Menu

This CSS code creates a vertical menu out of ordinary lists, using an arrow image to replace the default HTML marker. The image is applied as a background image, with a different one shown when the mouse moves over the links.

极品CSS竖向菜单收藏 Vertical CSS Menus4.2

DD Blue Blocks Menu

This is our rendition of a block looking vertical menu, inspired by the originalBlue Blocks menuand based on the CSS used by the vertical menu of our sister siteCSS Drive. It supports the insertion of menu headers to act as dividers between groups of menu links.

极品CSS竖向菜单收藏 Vertical CSS Menus4.2

Blue Blocks Menu

This is an attractive "blocks" CSS menu with an accompanying hover effect. We added some changes of our own to the CSS to create a consistent menu width across browsers.

极品CSS竖向菜单收藏 Vertical CSS Menus4.1

Wire Frame Menu

This is a vertical CSS menu with a simple frame around the menu items. It's "minimalist" style allows you to customize its style further as you see fit.

极品CSS竖向菜单收藏 Vertical CSS Menus3.9

Button Vertical Menu

By giving each menu link a ridge border with contrasting top/left and right/bottom background colors, the result is a slightly beveled button menu.

极品CSS竖向菜单收藏 Vertical CSS Menus3.6

Bevel Vertical Menu

This CSS creates an "3 state" vertical menu out of an ordinary list. When the mouse moves over the menu, the menu item bevels up. Furthermore, in modern browsers such as Firefox (not IE6), clicking on the menu creates a depressed effect while the mouse is held down.

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