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21Andy.com注:今天发现WP Robot这玩意思路不错,改天抽空自己写个,还有很大的余地可以增强。

1. Keywords Page

The picture below gives an overview over the main page of the WP Robot admin section: the keyword panel. In this screenshot you can see three active keywords as well as two RSS feeds and one Amazon BrowseNode for which posts are now created on a regular schedule. New autoposting keywords, feeds and BrowseNodes can be quickly added via the forms at the bottom.

2. Options Page

The huge picture below shows the options page of WP Robot with all the options available.

3. Probabilities Page

On the probabilities page of WP Robot you can control the chance of a certain module being used to create a new post. You could for example set the percentages to create Amazon posts with double the likelihood of Clickbank posts if you wanted to.

4. Bulk Add Page

The new "Bulk Add" page allows you to bulk add keywords to WP Robot for a faster setup.

WP Robot Documentation

Table of Contents

1. Installation

2. Quick Start Guide

2.1 The Keywords Page

3. The Options Page

3.1 Templates

3.2 General Options

3.3 Amazon Options

3.4 Article Options

3.5 Clickbank Options

3.6 eBay Options

3.7 Yahoo Answers Options

3.8 Youtube Options

3.9 The Translation Module

3.10 Flickr Options

3.11 Yahoo News Options

3.12 RSS Options

4. The Probabilities Page

5. The Bulk Add Page

6. Support

7. Affiliate Program

here and then find the key under "Access Identifiers".

Secret Access Key: In addition to the API key Amazon requires a Secret Key for all calls made to the API. You can also find this key under "Access Identifiers" in your Product Advertising API account.

Search Method: Only applies to keywords consisting of several words. If set to "Exact Match" the module will only return products that contain all words of your keyword phrase in the exact order, if set to broad it will return products containing all words but in any order.

Skip Products If: Gives you the option to prevent certain products with missing information from being posted.

Post Reviews as Comments: Whether to add reviews from the Amazon product page to posts as comments. Excerpt reviews refers to the small review excerpts which are usually displayed on the right hand side of the Amazon review section.

Amazon Description Length: The length of the description from the Amazon product page that will be included in posts. "Full Description" does also include any images, tables and other data in the original description.

Amazon Website: Specify which Amazon site you want to use.

Strip brackets from titles: Removes all brackets (i.e. "(Hardcover)" for books from titles in order to shorten and simplify them.

Post Template: see 3.1. for a general description of templates. Template tags available are:

{thumbnail} - Thumbnail image of the product

{image} - URL of a larger product image

{features} - A list of features as reported by Amazon

{description} - description of the product

{price} - The price on Amazon

{avgrating} - The average rating of the product

{noreviews} - The total number of reviews.

{link} - Affiliate link to the product

Review Template: This template specifies how Amazon reviews (which are added as comments) are formatted. Template tags available:

{review} - The full review text

{rating} - The rating of the reviewer, from 0 to 5

{link} - Affiliate link to the product

{keyword} - The keyword that was used in WP Robot

{url} - The affiliate URL of the product


Add "Powered by Yahoo! Answers" text to footer: The TOS of Yahoo Answers requires that websites which use their content add the text "Powered by Yahoo! Answers" somewhere on the page. This setting gives you the option to do that easily but of course you could also just disable it and add the text somewhere yourself.

Language: Sets the language questions and answers will be posted in.

Post Template: see 3.1. for a general description of templates. Template tags available are: {question} (the question from Yahoo Answers)


License: Can limit photo searches to specific licenses. See here for all available licensing options.

Image Size: The size of the images that will be added to posts.

Content Type: This option can limit searches to only photos or screenshots.

Sort by: How the results from Flickr will be sorted.

Post Template: see 3.1. for a general description of templates. Template tags available are: {image} (is replaced by the actual image), {date} (date photo was taken on), {owner} (owner of the image), {keyword} (the keyword the post was created for)

here - can be the same as Yahoo Answers API key.

Language: Select the language you want news to be posted in.

Number of News per Post: Specify the number of news posts you want to get in a single post. Please note that if set above one the post counter for Yahoo News will progress at a faster rate.

Title Template: Specifies the title that is used for Yahoo News posts. Template tags available are: {keyword} (the keyword the post was created for), {title} (the title of the last news item found)

Post Template: see 3.1. for a general description of templates. Template tags available are: {thumbnail}, {title}, {summary}, {source}

3.12 RSS Options

Content: Select if you want to post the full article from the RSS feed if it is available or only the description.

Post Comments if Found: Choose if comments shall be added to your weblog if available in the feed.

Post Template: see 3.1. for a general description of templates. Template tags available are: {content} (the content of the feed), {source} (a link to the original article), {author} (the name of the original author)

4. The Probabilities Page

Through the probabilites page you can control which modules are used more or less often than others or, in other words, the chance a certain module is selected to create a post.

By default WP Robot posts Clickbank ads, eBay auctions and Youtube videos a little less likely than the other modules. If you want to change that simply edit the percentage values on the page and save your changes. The total of all probabilities has to be 100!

If you choose not to use a certain module when setting up a keyword the value entered in the probabilitie page for the module is of course overridden and set to zero for this particular keyword.

5. The Bulk Add Page

With the Bulk Add Page you can add keywords to WP Robot in bulk for faster set up. You have to specify keywords and categories separated by a ";" (for example "Bananas;Uncategorized") and can either set random post intervals for all of them or specify your own. Please follow the instructions on the "Bulk Add" page.

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