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记录 PPC/CPM Program for My High Traffic Website


PPC/CPM Program for My High Traffic Website

注:PO = paid out

I'm still searching for the best PPC/CPM advertising program that will convert good revenue for my Website. This site has web mobile version.
My site has:
- 40K daily unique visitors (15K are mobile users) 每天4万独立访客,1万5手机用户
- 200K pageviews 每天20万PV
- niche: general
- dot com tld
- established since early January this year 今年一月建站

Currently i use severals PPC/CPM ads but the revenue is not quite good.
Here are cpc/cpm ads that already used by me:

- smowtion (never PO yet)
- chitika (never PO yet)
- adbrite (never PO yet)
- bidvertiser ($30 per month) 这家绝对垃圾!不用试
- clicksor ($150$ per month)
- cpxinteractive (never PO yet)
- adhitz ($150 per month)
all above did not return me any good revenue.
Mobile ads: 手机广告
- Admob (good - $500 per month)
- Mobgold (good - $400 per month)
- Inmobi (moderate $ 170 per month)

- Aditic (good, but too little advertiser, only one PO $50)
- greystripe (just join, no PO yet)

Infolinks was the best for me (more than $1K per month), but suddently they banned my account for fraudulent click without any proof at all!

If you have any suggestion, please share with me.
thanks 注:
infolinks 最好,每个月搞到超过1千刀,结果被封号
有人建议做 CPM 是 $1.35-$1.76,但这家广告要有这效果,得用 Sliding Banner,滑动广告,就是底部滑出来的那种 排名20万,连 about us 都没有,每月30号支付,哪天试一下 is both CPM and CPC,不过排名好低,估计不用试

Incoming search terms:

Tags: CPM, ppc, 广告


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  1. Allen 于 2010-10-07 22:58:04 发表:

    ??infolinks 很好的,最高的一次是2000刀一个月,一般都是1000到左右每月。账户没有问题